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Last update: 2016-11-07 (Latin Extended A support for Pinlight)

A set of free fonts with no annoying legalities - no need to worry with linking or crediting or attaching licenses or anything like that, just use them as you need. Focus is also on providing a wide variety (instead of the usual generic serif and sans-serif fonts) and not sticking to ASCII only.

Current fonts in this pack so far are:

  • Normaleste: generic sans-serif font
  • Roman Teal: generic serif font (actually slab-serif)
  • Video Glau: VCR-style font (but not pixelated), monospace
  • Cyberoise: looks like Hollywood's idea of a cybernetic font
  • Pixeletter: pixel font (usual letter size: 5×7 pixels)
  • Funstella: funny looking font (from the game Sol)
  • Decolue: art deco (e.g. Sonic 3 title cards)
  • Pinlight: looks like a pinball's HUD
  • Diamonaire: fancy serif with pointy shapes

I'll update this as I make more (limited by my skill, which isn't great). Source files included for those who dare to edit them in FontForge!

Charset support varies among fonts but all are guaranteed to support at least ASCII and Latin-1 (i.e. U+0000 to U+00FF). If you need a specific charset feel free to contact me as long as it isn't too much of an undertaking (looking at you, kanji).

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These are very nice and useful, thanks!

I used for a non commercial project. i credit you. Is it okay?

I crammed in the (mini-)license in the copyright field of the fonts if you're curious (basically "do what you want").