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Note: this is a Genesis / Mega Drive game, not a PC game

Note: if you downloaded this game before January 26th (i.e. REV00 or REV01), redownload the game now to fix an issue with real hardware.

Note: if your console exhibits occasional glitched graphics redownload the game to update to REV03 (June 26th, 2018).

Qisha is the protector of the planelago system, a planetary system consisting of five planelagos of nine miniplanets each. Each planelago was guarded by one of Qisha's children, but one day suddenly a mysterious force appeared and cursed them into statues. Qisha must go through all planelagos to retrieve the crystals to save the children and send back the mysterious force back where it belongs.

Guide Qisha through 3D miniplanets in this new and unique platformer for Mega Drive. Jump over obstacles and collect keys with the special twist of paths wrapping around to the other end of the miniplanet.

You can get the source code on GitHub:

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Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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Install instructions

You're going to need a Genesis / Mega Drive emulator or a flashcart (e.g. Everdrive) to run this game. Simply load the ROM and play it.


Miniplanets OST.zip (classic OST) 8 MB
Planelagos.ttf 12 kB
Miniplanets.bin (classic version) 256 kB
Miniplanets REMIX Ver (REV04).bin 512 kB


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Nice game !

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Really liked it! I remember getting to the rolling balls world, still didn't finish. But overall it was really fun! I liked saving those different small pet-like beings depending on the world theme.

What is the Planelagos.trf file? Do I need it to load the, I mean, the save file to load the Miniplanets from the game?

Nah, that's just a bonus font file. You can see it used in the section headings here https://plutiedev.com/

The game itself is just Miniplanets.bin


Great! The main guy is charming and cute! It takes a while to get from some waters, but this is decent!

Deleted 3 years ago

Don't be dumb >_<

I think I know what's causing the flashes, just looking for some people to help me verify if the changes I made work. You could try working around it with a cartridge that responds faster, but I think it's hitting a hardware flaw present in some console revisions. I may need to release a REV03 for that.

Deleted 3 years ago

Try REV03

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 4 years ago

What red flashing? o_O (read: no)

Deleted 4 years ago
Deleted 4 years ago

I love this! You are a hero for making it open source!


Thanks! ('ヮ' ) Striving to make more games libre too!

yes absolutely. Will read the source to help me learn my way through assembly dev