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Nice game !

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Really liked it! I remember getting to the rolling balls world, still didn't finish. But overall it was really fun! I liked saving those different small pet-like beings depending on the world theme.

What is the Planelagos.trf file? Do I need it to load the, I mean, the save file to load the Miniplanets from the game?

Nah, that's just a bonus font file. You can see it used in the section headings here

The game itself is just Miniplanets.bin


Great! The main guy is charming and cute! It takes a while to get from some waters, but this is decent!

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Don't be dumb >_<

I think I know what's causing the flashes, just looking for some people to help me verify if the changes I made work. You could try working around it with a cartridge that responds faster, but I think it's hitting a hardware flaw present in some console revisions. I may need to release a REV03 for that.

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Try REV03

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What red flashing? o_O (read: no)

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I love this! You are a hero for making it open source!


Thanks! ('ヮ' ) Striving to make more games libre too!

yes absolutely. Will read the source to help me learn my way through assembly dev